We have had the pleasure of building over 40 custom homes in a wide range of prices, sizes, styles and locations. A high percentage of the homes we have built were completed on acreage lots requiring a builder who can navigate the complete permitting process. This often includes health department approval, road commission permits, soil and erosion control, requirements, and finally the building permitting process.

Our process starts with a get to know each other meeting where I want to find out what you are looking for in a home and builder and you will learn about me both as a builder and person. Our reputation is very strong, but I want to earn your trust from the first meeting on. If after the initial meeting we decide to partner together, I will assist you in a lot selection, designing your home, arranging financing, interior design, landscaping, move in, and warranty service after completion of your home. A key to the entire process is of course the budget that you have in mind for your project. We will talk about that from the start and designing a home to fit your budget is a primary goal of ours. I have seen numerous times where a client has a dream home drawn by an architect prior to working with a builder and then prices out the home and finds out it was exactly that - a dream home. Whether you select me as your builder or not, I encourage you to find a builder you trust and involve him in the design process. If you have a plan completed already, I will, of course, be more than happy to price it for you and will try to make it fit your budget as well without compromising the level of quality I insist on.

Each project is treated as if it is our latest entry in the Parade of Homes, and I promise yours will be no different.